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Stunning 180 degree views over Lake Macquarie from high above! Perfect place to build your dream home!

Ok, enough of the real-estate agent hype – it’s a great location but the shape and orientation of the block doesn’t make for easy house design. It’s narrow, and the view is to the south (for readers in the Northern hemisphere that may sound ideal but here in Australia North-facing is good!). So how do we design a house to meet our requirements:

  • Take full advantage of the views
  • Minimal water usage (rain water tanks, grey-water recycling?)
  • Minimal power usage through good insulation, ventilation,  passive-solar gain and high thermal mass
  • ie. general solar and thermal efficiency for comfort without ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning!
  • Photo-voltaic solar system? It’s under consideration but cost will be an issue, because…
  • We want all this without breaking the bank!

Using the WordPress blog format we aim to record the process of designing and building our new house, in hopes that by explaining our reasoning here we will understand it better ourselves and make fewer mistakes. And ideally you, gentle reader, will give us your feedback and comments to help us even further!

If you enjoy reading about our progress and perhaps find this useful in your own projects, please register and leave a comment.


Chris and Fiona

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