Yet another “latest design”

Apologies to any avid readers (!) for the long delay updating this blog. In short, not much real progress but the design continues to change and develop (we hope for the better!).

Some of the wackier elements of earlier designs have gone, leaving a simpler, mostly rectangular shape which is perhaps less interesting but certainly more practical. We’ve also looked more closely at zoning and arranged for the main living areas to be isolated as far as possible from the external walls. The main bedroom has now moved downstairs because we couldn’t make enough room upstairs for the living area we wanted while the bedroom was also there – this allowed us to position the main living area in the centre of the upper floor with as wide a view as possible through the lake-view windows along the entire south side of the building.

Also featured here, some furniture (from the Sketchup components library and scaled to fit the size of our own, although the style isn’t really what we’d choose!) and surface textures, so it begins to look almost realistic…

South-facing Australian passive solar house (24 September 2007)South-facing Australian passive solar house (24 September 2007) South-facing Australian passive solar house (24 September 2007) South-facing Australian passive solar house (24 September 2007)

This latest post is particularly for our friends Steve and Manisha – hope you’re enjoying the rest of your holiday and if you’d like to see the current version in its native Sketchup form please download the free viewer from Google Sketchup and the model here:

Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license

Download Sketchup model (13MB)

For anyone else who may be interested, please note that our design (available here in the form of a Sketchup model) is released under the Creative Commons “Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike” license. This means, briefly:

  • If you are designing your own home and want to use this as the basis for your design you’re welcome to do so.
  • If you wish to distribute this design or any of your designs based on it, you may do so provided you give us credit as original authors and release your design under the same terms as these.
  • But if you’re a designer or architect and want to use this as the basis of your client’s house design (commercial use) the license does not allow this – please contact us to discuss commercial terms.

For full details see the Creative Commons License page.

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