Dream block SOLD

As you might have guessed from the lack of recent updates, this project didn’t go ahead. Circumstances change, and our lives sometimes don’t go as planned. We’re now living in Perth, WA, in a good house but one we didn’t design ourselves and that isn’t particularly solar-efficient (we’re working on it, but that’s another story). So after several years of prevarication  soul-searching, we’ve finally decided to sell this block and give someone else the chance to build their own solar dream house there, or just to renovate the old house if they’re up for a challenge.

Update: The place is now sold. Best wishes to the new owners – I really hope they manage to do more with it than we did…

2 Responses to “Dream block SOLD”

  1. Robin Moseby Says:

    Hi I tried to register but all the verification images offered for verification were rejected and there was no password entry provided.

    Please let me know how to register as I am just starting on a design for a townhouse 7.5 m wide and want to use passive solar as much as possible.

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi Robin,
    Sorry about that. Registration has been fixed if you’d like to try again. We’d be interested to hear about your plans.